Dog walking Services in Hereford

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Our Dog Walks
Our Dog Walks

How our dog walks works

No matter what the weather we will be at your door at the designated time to pick up your dog/s.

Depending on weather time of day and the dogs we have in the group we will chose a safe and fun dog walking location and set your dog/s free.

We will always bring treats and will never take out more dogs than we can take care of, after all we want to give all dogs the very best walk and lots of attention.

Happy dog with stick in mouth on a dog walk
Dog with lead in it's mouth

If you're at work

Don’t worry we can arrange with you to let ourselves in and take your dog for walkies

Dog in ruck sac

No one gets left behind

We will ALWAYS make sure if your dog needs special attention they will get it.

dogs on dog leads

On or off the lead

If you would prefer us to keep your dog on the lead please let us know.

What about if its wet?

We always have spare clean towels in the van to dry off soggy dogs.

dog in snow

Rain or shine..

No matter what the weather is doing we will always endeavour to take your dog out for a walk

Your Uber awaits..

We have specially designed vans so we can pick up and drop of your dog from your home.

Benefits your dog gets from walking with Pink Welly Walkers?

As we take more than one dog out at a time it means your dog will learn how to be with other dogs, giving them social skills for when you meet other dogs on your walks.

All dog walks are run by experienced dogs walkers who have safety as their number one priority, we will also teach your dog good recall which is highly important when walking off the lead.

Our mission is to bring your dog back happy, calm and most importantly tired however we cannot guarantee they will come back clean unless requested!